Learning and Training

Learning and Training Research

How can we better understand advances in the digital technologies for education, collaboration and well-being?

To help answer this question, mediaX sponsored four research projects that explored the use of emerging interactive technologies for learning, behavior change and collaboration. Research initiatives included a project that enabled language learners to practice conversation with an interactive system capable of feedback and evaluation, as well as a project leveraging the power of learning by teaching, by having students engage with an interactive teachable agent. Other projects explored the potential for behavior change with interactive narrative experiences delivered via mobile devices, and examined the effect of audio latency and delay on networked musical collaboration.

Research Initiatives

Chris Chafe: What’s the Delay? Audio Latency and Its Effect on Networked Musical Performance

BJ Fogg: Persuasive Narratives Delivered via Mobile Devices: Investigating How Computer Supported Stories Can Change People

Daniel Schwartz: A Teachable Agent for Strategy Learning in Management Training

Thomas Wasow: Learning English via Robust Conversation