Workforce & Learning Pathways Presentations Are Available

October 27, 2017
Workforce Presentations Available

The Workforce & Learning Pathways In A Period Of Dynamic Change Conference took place on October 6th, 2017 at Stanford University. With the forces for education and employment shifting, changes made today will, in all likelihood, take several years to show impact. The need for change is urgent, and creative leadership is a necessity.

With this in mind, Thought Leaders from the mediaX community came together to discuss: Poverty, Mobility and Displacement in the U.S., Global Economic, Social and Political Impact, System Experiments for a Competitive Workforce, Perspectives on the Opportunities, Market-Shaping Forces and Responses, Financing the Transformation, Experiments with Extensible Insights, Experiments with Promising ROI, Pathways for Mobility and much more.

Watch the Talks From…
Martha Russell & Roy Pea, Van Ton-Quinlivan, Denis McDonough, David Grusky, Martin Carnoy, Mitchell Stevens, Alex Kass, Tara Behrend, Banny Banerjee and both panels: Experiments With Promising ROI & Global Perspectives

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