System Experiments for a Competitive Workforce

Van Ton-Quinlivan is a nationally recognized thought leader in workforce development with a proven track record for implementing large-scale system change. Appointed by the governor in 2011 as vice chancellor of Workforce & Economic Development, she oversees federal and state funding that advance the workforce mission across California’s 113 community colleges, one of the largest and most complex higher education system in the nation. Her administrative responsibility has grown to $900 million from an initial $100 million in program funds as a result of her ability to inspire others toward a common, unifying vision. In this talk, Van discusses..

1. 6.3 million job openings are predicted for California between 2010 and 2020.
2. “Some college” is the new gateway into the workforce.
3. California needs 1 million more AA, certificate, or industry-valued credentials.
4. Largest system of higher education, with 114 community colleges, respond to differing labor market needs of industry sectors under Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy focus.