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December 9, 2015
Platform Presentations Available

On November 19, 2015 mediaX at Stanford University hosted a conference on “Platforms for Collaboration & Productivity.” The conference brought together thought leaders from Stanford University and industry to explore the ways that platforms transform how individuals and organizations access, consume and share data. Platforms drive innovation by uniting previously disparate elements in one system. The emerging platform ecosystem has deep implications for enterprise and academia, for lifelong learning, for the concept of work, and ultimately, for our understanding of the intersections between people and technology.

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Industry representatives from Cisco (Kathy Bries, Senior Director and General Manager of Cisco Collaborative Knowledge) and Konica Minolta (Hiroshi Tomita, President, Konica Minolta Laboratory, USA) discuss the impact of platforms on continued learning, collaboration, productivity, information exchange and the institutionalization of organized knowledge.

Stanford scholars such as John Willinsky (Khosla Family Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education; Director, Program in Science, Technology and Society, Stanford University) and Candace Thille (Assistant Professor of Education, GSE Senior Research Fellow, Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning at Stanford University) describe the development of platforms for academic knowledge sharing, advocating for openness in the exchange of scholarly information, as well as in the platforms created to collect, share and analyze this data.

Research conducted by Michael Bernstein (Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Co-director, Human-Computer Interaction group and Robert N. Noyce Family Faculty Scholar at Stanford University) bridges the academic and industry perspectives. Dr. Bernstein considers how platforms can transform the process of creative and knowledge work by swiftly assembling “flash teams” of skilled workers and streamlining the execution of complex projects. Dave Toole (CEO of MediaMobz) also discusses streamlined online workflows for creative production, with an emphasis on how the process can impact narrative science, audience engagement and authentic storytelling.

Stanford’s Abby King (Professor of Health Research and Policy (Epidemiology) and of Medicine, School of Medicine, Stanford University) explores the potential for platforms to amplify citizen voices regarding issues of personal and community health and wellness. Aman Kumar (Special Advisor to the CIO, Republic of Estonia) and Andrus Viirg (Managing Director of Silicon Valley, Enterprise Estonia) present the unique case of Estonia, a small country testing the boundaries between government and “service provider” – leveraging a start up mentality and cutting edge technology to amplify its position on the global stage.

Rahul Basole (mediaX Visiting Scholar, Associate Professor, School of Interactive Computing, Associate Director of the Tennenbaum Institute/IPaT, and faculty member in the GVU Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology) discusses insights from data driven analysis and visualizations into complex ecosystems such as the digital platform economy. Finally, Armen Pischdotchian (Technical Mentor for Universities, IBM Watson Group) looks towards the future, and the opportunities presented by the development of cognitive systems such as IBM’s Watson. These systems create mutually beneficial partnerships between humans and machines that offer insights, reveal patterns, and augment the decision making process.