Knowledge Collaboration Platform

Kathy Bries discusses Cisco’s innovative integrated solution, bringing learning and knowledge into the everyday operation of how people work, and serving as a platform that helps people learn, work and connect with peers in an intelligent manner.

Kathy Bries is the Senior Director and General Manager of Cisco Collaborative Knowledge, a breakthrough knowledge and learning digital workplace technology solution for Cisco customers and partners. This new offering was developed within the Learning@Cisco organization, an award-winning education service focused on skills training and networking certification. The Collaborative Knowledge initiative is the centerpiece of the Learning@Cisco strategy to connect and empower knowledge workers and the Learning@Cisco’s Technology Delivery Investments to customers, business partners and the Cisco community. Bries brings over 15 years of networking market knowledge, business unit P&L experience, product/engineering management, operations support, and cross-team project management leadership to her current position. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Harvard, and resides in California.