Live Stream of the Science & Technology of Feedback Conference

November 17, 2014
Stream Technology and Science of Feedback Event

Feedback is one of the most fundamental elements of human communication. In this conference, you’ll hear 9 Stanford Thought Leaders present their latest results for individuals and teams, including technology design, personal tracking, crowdsourcing and computational algorithms that articulate an entire landscape of insights on the science & technology of feedback!
CLICK HERE for Your Seat to Watch (November 17th 4:15pm-7:45pm)

James Landay: “Balancing Design & Technology in Feedback for Change”
Byron Reeves: “Feedback (quick and lots of it) and the End of Theory”?
Nik Martelaro: “Feedback from Social Agents”
Jeremy Bailenson: “Social Feedback in Virtual Reality”
Renate Fruchter: “TeamNudge”
Hiroshi Tomita: “Feedback for Productivity”
Ursula Martin: “Crowdsourcing a Mathematical Proof: Requesting and Accepting Feedback”
Maurits Kaptein: “Personalization of Continuous Feedback”
Dean Eckles: “Peer Effects & Feedback in Online Communication”