Watch, Listen to Presentations from Science & Technology of Feedback Conference

December 1, 2014
Byron Reeves Feedback Presentations

The ubiquitous availability of feedback influences theory and practice. It impacts our perceptions of ourselves, and of others, as well as the ways in which we interact with technologies and with groups, both real and virtual, local and remote. This Conference brought together many different perspectives, from many different departments, offering insights in the way that questions about feedback are asked by various disciplines, and the different approaches, tools and technologies for investigating them. CLICK HERE for Conference Summary

Below, watch the presentations from James Landay, Byron Reeves, Jeremy Bailenson (audio ONLY), Nik Martelaro, Renate Fruchter, Hiroshi Tomita, Maurits Kaptein and Dean Eckles:

Listen to the Audio Presentations:

Presenters and Topics:
James Landay: “Balancing Design & Technology in Feedback for Change”
Byron Reeves: “Feedback (quick and lots of it) and the End of Theory”?
Nik Martelaro: “Feedback from Social Agents”
Jeremy Bailenson: “Social Feedback in Virtual Reality”
Renate Fruchter: “TeamNudge”
Hiroshi Tomita: “Enhancing Productivity Through Feedback from Stanford”
Maurits Kaptein: “Personalization of Continuous Feedback”
Dean Eckles: “Peer Effects & Feedback in Online Communication”