December 2

Robotics in Our Everyday Lives: A Product Designer’s Perspective

Carla Diana, University of Pennsylvania

Something exciting has been happening to our everyday objects. Things that were once silent and static can now sing, glow, buzz and be tracked online. Some are constantly listening for sounds, sights and touches to translate into meaningful inputs. Others have the ability to learn, refining their behaviors over time. They can be connected to one another as well as the Internet and will behave as robotic entities that accompany us through all aspects of everyday life, whether we are ready for them or not. In this talk, product designer and design futurist Carla Diana will explore the emergence of smart objects in home and office contexts, highlighting designers’ opportunities to pioneer new territory in rich interaction, while emphasizing the importance of creating products that are meaningful and responsible. She will share case studies from the front lines of design and creative technology, showcasing how art, science and business are merging to enable new product experiences.

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Carla Diana

Carla Diana is a designer, author and educator who explores the impact of future technologies through hands-on experiments in product design and tangible interaction. In her studio she works on future-specting projects in areas such as domestic robots, mobile devices and sentient kitchen appliances, combining experience in industrial and interaction design to create solutions that bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. Her seminal article, "Talking, Walking Objects", which appeared on the cover of The New York Times Sunday Review, is a good representation of her view of our robotic future.