Revealing and Using Emotion Detection

From The Theme HUMAN MACHINE INTERACTION AND SENSING WHAT IF? What if we could develop systems and algorithms that sense and communicate human emotions accurately and appropriately? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to investigate fundamental issues surrounding how systems should handle emotion detection, including optimal approaches for revealing emotional information. We […]

The Utility of Calming Technologies in Integrative Productivity

From The Theme KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IF What if we could use technologies for sensing, feedback and interpretation of cognition, affect and physiology to avoid stress, maintain focus and increase calm? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to identify the parameters of systems that could improve mental patterns by influencing cognitive […]

Developing a Diagnostic of Mindset Promoting Practices

From The Theme DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS WHAT IF What if we could understand how student attitudes towards mental effort and challenge affect learning outcomes? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to better understand growth mindsets and learning outcomes by investigating and potentially influencing student attitudes and beliefs around challenge and mental effort. […]