Content on the Go: The Economics of the Market for Mobile Apps

From The Theme PUBLISH ON DEMAND WHAT IF What if there were a better way to price apps than pricing based on either raising revenue or raising visibility? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We studied app pricing decisions in a stylized model to ascertain the relationship between pricing decisions and market visibility. We took […]

Kindred Britain 2.0 – Can We Walk the Past’s Streets

From The Theme MEMORY, ESTATE AND LEGACIES IN A DIGITAL WORLD WHAT IF What if we could create a multidimensional, dynamic and interactive visual infographic, combining data on people, time and space to track the evolution of concepts, relationships and ideas? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO Our goal is to leverage a curated and […]

Lacuna Stories

From The Theme DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS WHAT IF What if we could provide an online platform for social reading, writing and annotation? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to expand and improve data collection and analysis for Lacuna Stories, a project of Stanford’s Poetic Media Lab. Lacuna Stories is an open-source, online […]