A Teachable Agent for Strategy Learning in Management Training

From The Theme LEARNING AND TRAINING WHAT IF What if students could use interactive technologies to learn strategies by teaching them to a “teachable agent”? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO With teachable agents, learners gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter through the process of teaching. We set out to examine the use […]

New Training Models for the Digital Workforce: Coding Bootcamps

From The Theme POTENTIAL, PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IF What if we could better understand the benefits and implications of vocational education programs for the high skilled labor force, such as coding bootcamps? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to explore the processes, outcomes and benefits of a new model for training […]

Supporting Self Regulation for Online Course Students

From The Theme KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IF What if we could improve productivity and learning by using software tools as a coach to help users be effective in self-directed online settings? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO As an initial proof-of-concept research project, we set out to conduct the first ever large-scale experimental study […]

The Willful Pupil Project

From The Theme SOCIAL AND COMPUTING SCIENCES WHAT IF What if we could develop and use “teachable” computer agents to test the wisdom that people learn by teaching? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to develop and implement a “Teachable Agent” that was “willful” – exhibiting intentions in dialog that would sometimes […]

Real Time Tracking, Detecting and Correcting of Motion

From The Theme ADVANCED HUMAN COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES WHAT IF? What if a virtual reality tracking & rendering system could automatically detect when your physical motion deviated from the optimal path, and show you exactly what you did wrong – replaying your motion on an avatar that looks just like you? WHAT WE SET OUT TO […]

Human Machine Interaction and Sensing of the Golf Swing

From The Theme HUMAN MACHINE INTERACTION AND SENSING WHAT IF? What if we could identify the vital elements of a repeatable, expertly performed movement or task, and translate these elements into a training tool? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to evaluate the biomechanical data of an elite golfer’s swing, in order […]