#mediaX2017 “Sense-Making & Making Sense” Conference Registration Is Open

February 16, 2017
mediaX2016 Registration Open

Technology augments our sense-making – helping us filter signals, manipulate data and create representations.

On April 20th, the #mediaX2017 Conference will delve into the human mind as a sense-making organ, keeping as context the whole body, the whole person, in community. Signals come from visual, audio and haptic technologies. Sensors, signals, information processing, analysis, and reasoning by machines all contribute to how humans invoke their personal cognitive, emotional, and experiential filters to make sense of this input.

With multidisciplinary resources drawn from Stanford University and horizon questions of global importance contributed by our member organizations, inquiring minds in the mediaX community are continually asking and answering, giving feedback and receiving it, in pursuit of discovery, always learning.

Join us on April 20th as we share what we know and develop new discovery collaborations.

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For any questions, please email Addy Dawes.