The #mediaX2017 Conference Presentations From April 20th Are Available

May 11, 2017
Allison Okamura mediaX2017 Presentations Available

With visual, acoustic and haptic tools, the April 20th #mediaX2017 Conference, “Sense-Making & Making Sense” delved into the human mind as a sense-making organ, keeping as context the whole body, the whole person and the community.

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Technology augments human senses, challenging our sense-making apparatus to filter signals, manipulate data, create representations, and construct meaning. The communication and social sciences are in fast pursuit of these key questions, fueled by massive data and novel algorithms. The learning, cognitive and neurosciences are entering a period of accelerated development. Thought Leaders in these fields showcased how each contributes a unique perspective and can inspire new insights for questions such as:

How does the interactive human-machine sense-making process work?
How might technology align with human scale, timing and representation to make it work better?
How might human fundamentals help us create technologies that will enhance the human experience?

#mediaX2017 Thought Leaders
Martha Russell, Dan Schwartz, Roy Pea, John Seely Brown, Allison Okamura, Bill Newsome, Amy Kruse, Michal Kosinski and Paul Saffo. You can also see the two panels; Engineering for Human Sense-Making and Human Sense-Making of Engineered Systems as well as the opening performance from TAPTH@T

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