Chasing Fire

Paul Saffo, Chasing Fire. Steeped in Moore’s Law, IT professionals assume they thoroughly understand exponential phenomena. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the consequence has been two decades of neglected challenges and missed opportunities. Meeting the challenges ahead demands a fresh examination of exponential assumptions in the service of deep innovation in the digital domain. Anything less amounts to a reckless abdication of responsibility by the IT community.

Paul Saffo is a Silicon Valley-based forecaster with three decades experience helping corporate and governmental clients understand and respond to the dynamics of large-scale, long-term change. He is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar with mediaX, teaches forecasting in the Engineering School at Stanford, and is chair of Future Studies at Singularity University. Saffo is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council, and a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Saffo holds degrees from Harvard College, Cambridge University, and Stanford University.