mediaX Thought Leaders Make it Easy for Kids to do Biological Experiments

December 12, 2016
Kids Biology Experiments

This project originally funded by mediaX, brings together bioengineers and educators to develop an Internet-enabled biological laboratory that allows students to truly interact with living cells in real-time, potentially reshaping how students learn about biology.

The Biology Cloud Lab gives students and teachers remote control software to operate what the researchers call biotic processing units (BPUs). Each BPU includes a microfluidic chip containing communities of microorganisms. Around each chip, four user-controlled LEDs allow students to apply different types of light stimuli. A webcam microscope livestreams the chip’s content.

“We have optimized the technology to keep the cells stable and responsive over weeks. This makes the Biology Cloud Lab low-cost and scalable for basic education,” Riedel-Kruse said. “And we also implemented interfaces for experiment automation, data analysis and modeling to enable deep inquiry.”

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