Watch the “New Approaches to Audience Segmentation” Presentations

October 17, 2014
Segmentation Presentations Available

New market segmentation strategies are necessary to reach online, multi-tasking audiences. In this context, segmentation is revealed as the first step to prediction. Understanding audience motivations leads to empowerment.

In the playlist below you’ll see presentations from Keith Devlin a panel with Maurits Kaptein, Lou Aronson & Joris Janssen, and additional presentations from René Kizilcec, Paolo Parigi, Marcelo Ferreira Guimarães, Harlan Kennedy, Lisa Watanabe, June Flora and Bruce Cahan.

Listen to Audio of the presentations:

Stream the entire seminar:

Presenters & Topics:
Keith Devlin: “Who Are Our Customers and What is Our Business”?
Maurits Kaptein: “Persuasion Profiling Segmentation”
Lou Aronson: “Segmentation Based on Online Conversations”
Joris Janssen: “Automated Segmentation to Improve Digital Health Behavior Coaching”
Rene Kizilcec: “Market Segmentation in Online Interactions Based on Motivation”
Paolo Parigi: “Reputation and Sharing-based Market Segmentation”
Marcelo Ferreira Guimarães: “Need-based Segmentation for Customer-centered Services”
Harlan Kennedy: “Segmentation as a Mindset”
Lisa Watanabe: “Household Lifestyle Segmentation”
June Flora: “Energy Behavior Segmentation”
Bruce Cahan: “Market Segmentation in Sustainable Banking”