Visiting Scholar FAQ’s

How can my organization participate in the Visiting Scholar Program?

Your organization nominates a researcher to come to Stanford as a mediaX Visiting Scholar. This person needs to meet the eligibility criteria for Stanford visitors. Each visitor must have a Stanford faculty member who will act as the official host and mentor on campus.

What are the Visiting Scholar’s benefits?

A Visiting Scholar is a recognized position at Stanford, and therefore benefits from receiving a Visiting Scholar ID card. This card allows a visitor to enjoy the privileges of regular Stanford faculty, including:

*Full library access
*Access to SUNET (the Stanford Data Network)
*Eligibility to attend a Stanford course or participate in a seminar, free of charge (subject to permission from the instructor).
*Eligibility for faculty discounts at the Stanford Bookstore
*Access to Stanford University’s athletic facilities
*Staff-rate tickets to athletic events
*Eligibility to purchase campus parking permits
*Access to off-campus housing information

Visiting scholars are also provided with a desk, either in a shared office or in one of the open working areas occupied by the Human Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR). The desk has access to a phone, as well as Ethernet or wireless access to SUNET.

Visitors are expected to bring their own laptop or desktop computer. Since wireless access is campus-wide, we recommend bringing a laptop equipped with wireless capabilities.

What are the Visiting Scholar’s obligations and responsibilities?

Visiting Scholars who are residents at Stanford for a period of more than one academic quarter (three months) are subject to Stanford’s Intellectual Property Policies.

All Visiting Scholars are required to sign the intellectual property agreement form SU-18A and abide by its conditions.

Can mediaX Scholars visit Stanford for less than a year?

Yes. While the Program is intended to host one Visiting Scholar per academic year, we can accommodate shorter periods. If a Visiting Scholar is not able to continue through the year, your organization may select an alternate visitor, subject to the same considerations, to complete the appointment.

How can I find out what the Stanford labs are doing?

The research programs at Stanford are very decentralized. In part, this is one reason why Stanford research is nimble and highly responsive to new opportunities. There is no consolidated listing. The websites of our affiliated labs do contain information, but the websites tend to describe the activities that have been completed. The only way to truly acces the labs’ current and ongoing research interests is to engage with them through a Theme Day, via a Visiting Scholar or through a Research Theme (see Strategic Partners section).

How does my organization benefit from an affiliation with mediaX?

The mediaX membership programs provide regular opportunities for people from high-impact companies to get acquainted and interact with Stanford University researchers. Programs at Stanford through mediaX focus on how the relationship between people, media and technology can be enhanced, augmented and improved.

Stanford University receives over $1 billion in research funding from national agencies and foundations; approximately 10% comes from the business community. mediaX membership contributions represent less than 5% of this. With a relatevily small contribution to mediaX, your organization is able to leverage the labs and expertise of one of the most successful universities in the world.
Contact Martha Russell for more details.