Affiliate Membership FAQ’s

What are the benefits of being a mediaX Affiliate Member?
Affiliate members receive notice of discounted registrations for mediaX events. Great networking opportunities are possible. Affiliate members participate in the mediaX community. Affiliate membership in mediaX at Stanford University also permits non-­profit and start-up members to co-­host events at Stanford with mediaX.

What are mediaX Events?
mediaX events include conferences, symposia, and formal presentations by faculty and students on new and ongoing research. These provide an opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas among industry representatives and mediaX affiliated researchers.

When would my membership begin?
Memberships are annual. They can begin at any time. Contact Martha Russell for more details.

What Stanford expertise is available through mediaX?
mediaX can engage with Stanford thought leaders across the entire campus, in all colleges and departments in which researchers are exploring the intersection of people, media and technologies.

The combination of Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial culture, actively engaged industry partners, Stanford thought leadership and the energetic creativity of bright, motivated graduate students infuses mediaX activities with unique opportunities to capitalize on the full intellectual, technological and cultural resources at Stanford University.

Can Stanford thought leaders come to my organization as speakers or consultants?
Many Stanford thought leaders travel to give talks and consult. Their time as speakers or consultants is scheduled at their discretion. Most are in high demand.

Getting the attention of Stanford thought leaders is often a huge task. mediaX can facilitate a request for a speaking or consulting engagement for its member organizations. In some cases the actual engagement will be handled by a separate speaker’s bureau or consulting group.

Can I visit mediaX?
Due to COVID-19, the mediaX team is working remotely. We do look forward to seeing you in the near future.

As a catalyst, mediaX is involved with research across the university in various locations including labs, centers, groups and programs. People with shared interests are continually finding each other, and collaborating in important projects and research initiatives. Some of our affiliated labs are formally established and others are informally subscribed. View the full list

I’m interested. How does my organization become an Affiliate Member?
The mediaX membership process is very easy. It simply requires a paid invoice for membership, which we issue and send you. Your accounting office can identify the membership contribution as a gift to an educational institution. Contact Martha Russell for more details.