December 9

State Change: What Media Will Communicate Climate Change?

Greg Niemeyer, UC Berkeley

Researching the ways in which natives and scientists cope with change, Greg Niemeyer presents photographs, data visualizations and immersive media about the impact of the thawing permafrost on soil and soul in Barrow, AK. The northernmost town in the United States, Barrow is home to about 8000 people, predominantly Eskimo of the Iñupiat tribe, contractors and arctic researchers. What fundamental aesthetics do Eskimo and Scientists have in place to communicate the uncertainties and dynamics of climate change, and how can these aesthetics be leveraged for a broader understanding of climate change?

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Greg Niemeyer

Greg Niemeyer started working with new media when he arrived in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1992. He received his MFA from Stanford University in New Media in 1997. At the same time, he founded the Stanford University Digital Art Center. In 2001 was appointed at UC Berkeley as a Professor for New Media. He is involved in the Center for New Media, focusing on the critical analysis of the impact of new media on human experiences. His creative work focuses on the mediation between individuals, communities and environments.