April 29

#mediaX2014 Conference: Well-being & Productivity in a Globally Connected World

Beginning with a technology perspective that envisions a trillion sensors by 2020 and ending with a human science perspective that reveals how people are motivated and inspired, we present a continuum of inquiry that leverages both human sciences and information technology to provide deep insights and broad relevance.

Technology perspectives:
Janusz Bryzek, Chair, Tsensors Summit, “Quantified Us, the Fusion of Sensors, Internet of Everything and Exponential Organizations”

Human science perspectives:
Carol Dweck, Stanford Psychology, “Mindset as Context for the Internet of Everything”

And research updates on metrics for productivity and creativity:
Manish Saggar, Stanford Interdisciplinary Brain Center, “The Neuroscience of Creativity”
Renate Fruchter, Stanford Global Teamwork Laboratory, “Teammate Awareness in Remote Communications”
Larry Leifer, Stanford Center for Design Research
Jeremy Bailenson, Stanford Communication, Virtual Human Interaction Lab, “Detecting Mindstate and Emotion”

We also had three panels in which the depth of science pursued by mediaX scholars will articulate long-range horizons:

“Personal Feedback for Self-Regulation”
Neema Moraveji, SPIRE
Mark Zdeblick, Proteus Digital Health
Marcelo Guimaraes, Sabia Experience

“Sensors, Screening and Signaling”
Paul Saffo, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Singularity University,
Rick Rommel, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Managing Partner, IoT in Retail
Timothy Kasbe, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar, COO, Gloria Jeans, Russia

“Ubiquitous Sensing and Interconnected Security”
Joris Janssen, mediaX Visiting Scholar, Sense Observation Systems
Phil Levis, Stanford Computer Science
Greg Dibb, Nissan

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