Launching Alternative Realities and Understanding Implications: mediaX Roundtable

This mediaX Roundtable looks at how the questions we ask and study in the next 2 years will significantly impact new opportunities in content, usability, standards, and business models across application areas in health, business, entertainment, and education.

Law, Science and Technology Proposal

 WHAT IF What if we could facilitate consumer publication and use of online content by creating a more defined legal environment in which creative expression and use of content are encouraged, while the rights of creators of digital content are protected? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set […]

Transparent Social Footprints

From The Theme PUBLISH ON DEMAND WHAT IF What if we could help media companies increase revenue by tracking the “social footprints” of their audiences? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We wanted to examine the requirements needed to develop prototypes for metrics and tools to support media organizations in the shift from print to […]