Concussion Education Reimagined

Ryan Burns is a Product Manager at TeachAids, a world leader in designing, producing, and distributing health education used in 82 countries. At TeachAids, he works on the CrashCourse product suite, which is designed to provide athletes, parents, coaches, and the sports community with the latest medical knowledge on the prevention and treatment of concussions […]

Drop Dead Happy

Drop Dead Happy is a simple idea for mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Davis Masten. He wants his life span and his health span to give out on the same day. Preferably a day where he’s happy. In this post, Davis shares his very personal journey.

The Utility of Calming Technologies in Integrative Productivity

From The Theme KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY WHAT IF What if we could use technologies for sensing, feedback and interpretation of cognition, affect and physiology to avoid stress, maintain focus and increase calm? WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO We set out to identify the parameters of systems that could improve mental patterns by influencing cognitive […]