Personal Journeys Around Change

The "Sharing Personal Journeys" webinar series wraps up with Jason Wilmot as he dives into a personal story of changing mindset, routine and expectations in order to achieve a large goal that was once thought out of reach. It is important to become an agent of change and transformation instead of being rolled over by their forces.

How to Think Like a Civilization

Digital technology is the solvent leaching the glue out of our global institutions, but digital technology also presents us with the means to meet both our current challenges - and to shape a new planetary order. Paul Saffo dives into this complex challenge in the next “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” webinar.

How Social Emotional Learning Drives Student Well-Being and Innovation

Using our virtues and character strengths can empower us to be the best we can be and offers guidelines to other elements of well-being. These virtues and strengths can be classified and developed. Keith Coleman, a mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar dives into this critical in the next “Sharing Personal Journeys” webinar.

Drop Dead Happy

The mediaX webinar series "Sharing Personal Journeys" continues with mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Davis Masten. In this session, after being read his last rights, Davis shares his perspective and personal insights as he explores longevity as an artist and the importance of being available to himself-in the time he is has left.

Making Context Relevant for Learning Essential Skills for the Workplace

Daily human interactions have a comparable impact on employee productivity and retention. Virtual reality simulations are a powerful modality for developing skilled and effective human-to-human interactions. Mark Atkinson, is CEO of Mursion dives into this topic in the next “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” webinar.

A New Playbook for Corporate Resilience

Diving into Purpose-built Innovation, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Ajay Madhok explores this strategy that empowers large corporations to seize growth opportunities using the same playbook as startups.

Robotics for Human Resilience

mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Neil Jacobstein addresses the importance of using robots during the COVID-19 pandemic period and beyond as bobotics can be framed as a useful set of tools for seamless extensions of our ability to do local work remotely.