Smart Office Workflow, Communication and Productivity

Personal, team and organizational work styles and workflows have changed as a result of information technology in sensor-rich computational environments. Continuous discovery, task switching, multimodal interfaces, and distributed teams in different time zones create persistent challenges and opportunities for knowledge workers.

IT aims to provide productivity enhancements and customized interfaces through which people access and perform their work. Instant messaging, just-in-time learning, online discovery, and cloud-based storage are becoming indispensible for work.

Novel constellations of APIs across productivity platforms give rise to new cyber-social communities, reorganizing work management systems, and altering relationships people have with each other, their employers, their work, and their environments. The ways that people relate to work, and through it to one another, adds new dimensions to identity, wellness, reciprocity, trust, authenticity, memory, transparency, and service.

Nested in an ecosystem of related technologies, such as sensors, IoT, big data, deep learning, robotics, and cloud computing, the flow of intellectual work and its products creates new landscapes of challenges and prospects.

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