Future Questions – Curiosity to Drive Purpose

This question, and others, have been contributed by mediaX faculty and industry affiliates through interviews about priorities for the future.

mediaX invites YOU to consider these questions, refine and explore them, and – importantly – share what you’re working on to create a better future for all. We can do more together than any can do alone, so join the mediaXstanford LinkedIn community to identify critical issues (and solutions) for the future.

Question: Curiosity to Drive Purpose

How might socio-technical systems be leveraged to cultivate a sense of curiosity, agency, and creativity, facilitate lifelong learning, and create pathways for future personal growth opportunities? For example, but not limited to:

a. How can the thoughtful design of learning tools develop opportunities that support and enhance uniquely human capabilities, cultivate a sense of innovation and creativity, activate potential, and maximize learners’ competence to adapt – for all ages, including older generations?

b. How can sociotechnical systems be designed to support teacher wellbeing while fostering innovative curriculum and teaching methods?

c. How can human factors and context dependency be integrated into the assessment of learning, widening the lens of assessment culture and moving away from deficit framing?

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Questions for the Future have been enriched with results of mediaX research and programs over the past 21 years. Although mediaX programs have already initiated inquiries on some of these questions and organizations around the world are tackling one or more of them, the challenges are still considered open. These challenges are complex and concerted collaboration is needed to develop insights and implement solutions.