Team Performance in a Networked World

This project is informed by insights harvested from research conducted at Stanford University, supported by gifts from mediaX member organizations. Through a cycle of research, seminars and workshops, thought leaders from Stanford and mediaX member organizations have co-created the ideas and themes described in this report.

Team Performance in a Networked World Summary

“Team Performance in a Networked World,” integrates insights from the “Smart Workspaces” report published by mediaX in 2015. It incorporates additional ideas from projects conducted by mediaX-affiliated labs over the course of the past year. Smart Workspaces refers to productivity environments in which the capabilities of humans and machines enhance each other for results that provide economic value, augment the human experience and essentially sustain the planet. Three themes extend Smart Workspaces to team and global perspectives.

Augmented Intelligence: Personal and Collective builds on individual capacity and embraces the power of groups, teams and human/machine collaborations.
Connected Productivity Environments combines insights on Platforms for Collaboration and Productivity, as well as on Immersion, Virtual Reality and Presence Environments.
Continual Learning Networks leverages insights on the theory, methods and platforms surrounding life-long learning with a global perspective.