Smart Workspaces

The current business climate is complex, ambiguous and urgent. Changing local conditions and the global economy give rise to unprecedented opportunities for enterprises as well as individuals. New skills are needed for new responsibilities. Jobs are redefined. New technologies emerge for connected productivity platforms, augmented personal intelligence, and contextual presence.

Smart Workspaces Summary
Workers’ tools are transformed by ubiquitous sensors, connected devices, artificial intelligence, geographically distributed collaboration, and immersive experiences. The dynamics of interaction, the environments in which work takes place, and the determinants of success – all drive the redefinition of work.

Smart Workspaces Video

A “user-centered” focus infuses information technologies and management practices to create a professional environment in which the predictable is taken care of, learning is continuous and creative solutions are encouraged.

People interact with information and each other across physical, virtual and mobile environments. Data and service platforms support personal wellbeing and interpersonal presence so that tools match the task and interactions are optimized.

The boundaries between previously distinct categories are softened – employee and employer, work and leisure, office and home, personal and professional. The relationships between productivity, place and people are in flux.

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