Digital Learning Research

Stanford is one of the world’s leading research institutions, with great depth of capacity in all of the cognate fields of the new education data sciences. Faculty, graduate students, and allied researchers in every one of Stanford’s schools are exploring this rapidly expanding terrain.

Innovations in digital learning are happening routinely at Stanford as faculty incorporate new technology into their varied instructional practices. In many cases they are making electronic content from Stanford courses available to the public across the globe. This activity generates unprecedented volumes of data about learning, which in turn is enabling research on learning with a degree of precision and nuance unprecedented in history.

Yet it can be difficult for outsiders to understand what research may be of commercial interest. A primary benefit of the Learning Forum for our members is direct connection with relevant research taking place at Stanford, and with those who are conducting it.

Key Research Labs at Stanford:

Graduate School of Education
Lytics Lab
Open Learning Initiative at Stanford
Stanford Data Sciences
Virtual Human Interaction Lab