Smart Workspaces

The current business climate is complex, ambiguous and urgent. Changing local conditions and the global economy give rise to unprecedented opportunities for enterprises as well as individuals. New skills are needed for new responsibilities. Jobs are redefined. New technologies emerge for connected productivity platforms, augmented personal intelligence, and contextual presence.

About Smart Workspaces


The dynamics of interaction, the environments in which work takes place, and the determinants of success – all drive the redefinition of work and the workspace.

Summary Smart Workspaces


After 4 1/2 days of an intense workshop, new themes and storylines were discovered. You can read and see each of these new ideas in the summary report.

Smartworkspaces video


The process articulates upcoming workspace challenges by bridging the perspectives of innovation executives, thought leaders and change makers.

Photos Smartworkspaces


We are in the midst of major transformations in the nature of work and culture of productivity. Expectations about when, where, and how we work will change.