The Future of Content in a Publish on Demand World Conference

February 5, 2014
John Willinsky

Over the course of two days, presentations, panels and discussions featured results from cutting edge research that explores “creative destruction” in the media ecosystem – including the economic impact of shifting business models, copyright requirements, audience experiences, content delivery, educational methodology, and publish on demand technologies. CLICK HERE for the Paper by Martha G Russell, PhD, Frank Rose and Karina Alexanyan, PhD.

Watch all of the talks in the video playlist above or click on the names below.

Frank Rose, Leading Writer & Speaker on Digital Culture; “Creative Destruction and the Future of Media”
Davis Masten, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar; “The Science of Science Communication; Lessons From Business”
Ian Hargreaves, Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University; “Future-Proofing Copyright Law”
Dave Cavander, Principal Scientist at Adobe; “Middleton, Millennials and Milliseconds”
John Willinsky, Professor of Education at Stanford University; “A Brief History of the Intellectual Properties of Learning”
Juan Pablo Alperin/Alex Garnett, PhD Candidate GSE at Stanford University/Analyst with Simon Fraiser University; “Smarter Scholarly Textbooks”
Esther Wocjicki, Teacher and mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar; “Anticipating the Next Wave of Destruction”
Laura Moorhead, PhD Student in the Learning Sciences and Technology Design Program at Stanford University; “Recasting The Textbook”
Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, Asst. Professor Bioengineering Department at Stanford University; “Hybrid Tangible Interfaces”
Nik Martelaro, 2nd Year PhD Student at the Center for Desgin Research at Stanford University; “Participatory Materials; Learning with Reflective Media”