Nobel Laureate Confirmed for the #mediaX2016 Conference

April 28, 2016
Wieman Added to mediaX2016 Conference

On May 17th, the #mediaX2016 Conference, “Augmenting Personal Intelligence” will explore the technologies, design and systems that enhance capacity – at the individual, team and societal levels. Just confirmed to the program is Nobel Prize Laureate and Award winning educator, Carl Wieman, who will discuss insights from his Activity Based Learning program.

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Joining Professor Wieman are Stanford Faculty, Roy Pea, Ashish Goel, Susan Athey, James Fishkin, Candace Thille, Maneesh Agrawala, and Anthony Wagner.

AI Expert Neil Jacobstein, VR Pioneer Andrew Wasserman, and Active Learning Expert Esther Wojcicki will describe their experience with innovative solutions.

Leading industry executives from Konica Minolta, Cigna, Cisco, Fujitsu, Sabia, and Xerox will be joined by Staff Attorney at Disability Rights Advocates, Haben Girma, and Catalin Voss, the founder of Sension, to describe emerging solutions.

The augmented personal intelligence paradigm is an integrated personal data ecology in which human learning and machine learning are interdependent. Our vision is that the partnership between artificial intelligence and human intelligence will help us solve the challenges that some think are unsolvable.

On May 17th you have Permission To Explore these futures.