mediaX Update on the COVID-19 Virus

March 16, 2020

Stanford University continues to engage in research, through primarily though remote means, and the mediaX team continues to advocate on our members’ behalf, while fully following Stanford’s restrictions and guidance.

With rapidly changing circumstances, Stanford has taken additional measures to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is the University’s responsibility to take prudent steps that help to inhibit, rather than accelerate, the spread of the virus.

One such step is to reduce the number of university events that bring together, in close proximity, large numbers of attendees, particularly those coming from both on and off campus who then return to their communities in a variety of locations around our region, nation and world.

This is a difficult and challenging time for everyone. mediaX is currently working on new forms of interactions that can keep our community engaged and up to date without endangering any of its participants. Look for updates on these new forms of exchanges as well as rescheduled events when we know more.

For up to date info on how Stanford University is addressing this pandemic, please visit the Health Alerts website HERE.