mediaX Thought Leaders Apply Chatbot Technology to Significantly Improved Student Recall

May 8, 2019

In a study with 36 students learning with either a flashcard app or a QuizBot, the team found that students correctly recalled over 25% more right answers for content covered in QuizBot and spent more than 2.6 times longer studying with QuizBot versus flashcards. Both the flashcard app and QuizBot taught information ranging from science and personal safety to advanced English vocabulary. They had identical sequencing algorithms for selecting which item to present next to students.

The longer study time is a key part of why QuizBot works so much better, according to computer science assistant professor Emma Brunskill, who is co-author of the paper. “QuizBot is more conversational and more fun. Students felt like they had a true study partner,” said graduate student Sherry Ruan, who led the study.

QuizBot is a new spin on the chatbot formula. It posits factual questions via text, much like a teacher. The student types in answers, asks clarifying questions and requests hints. QuizBot then comprehends and responds conversationally, as if another human is on the other side. Unlike flashcards, ChatBots are able to recognize near-miss answers and to offer additional guidance and even encouragement to the student.

The team presented its findings May 8 at CHI 2019 in Glasgow, Scotland.

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