mediaX 2016 Conference May 17th, 2016

March 2, 2016
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#mediaX2016 Conference
“Augmenting Personal Intelligence:
Insights from Human Sciences and Information Technology”

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Throughout time, people have imagined more-rapid comprehension and the possibility of gaining better comprehension in a complex situation – which Doug Engelbart called “augmented human intellect”. We’ve imagined speedier solutions, better solutions, and the possibility of finding solutions to problems that before seemed insoluble. How?

Imagining what we now call hypertext, Vannevar Bush described the future of computers as “memex” machines that would support human activities – from scientific discovery to business decision making using associative indexing. Today futurists talk about synaptical currency, swarm intelligence and self-reconfiguring intelligent machines.

At work, school and at home, data and artificial intelligence now complement and augment uniquely human capabilities, including personal intelligence. Over frequent interactions, using deep learning to anticipate user needs and earning the permission to initiate action on their behalf, intelligent digital agents are trusted to do more than simply operate pre-set routine tasks. Combining the social roles of advisor and personal assistant, data-driven intelligence agents integrate dynamically into personal and professional lives – work, learning and leisure.

Developing and enhancing human intelligence capability relies on scaffolding both social processes and tool-mediated processes in a growth mindset, on top of nature/nurture foundations. Responsive interactions with others build a context of meaning. Material artifacts, including computational tools, augment human ability to act toward valued outcomes. Such computational tools are based on encoded pathways of assumptions and actions, and their feedback systems. Some are multipurpose; some are personal.

The emerging augmented personal intelligence paradigm is an integrated personal data ecology in which human learning and machine learning are interdependent. Opportunities to augment personal intelligence are linked to a personal data ecosystem, in which choices, policies, permissions and regulations manage this network and ensure trusted and secure access, storage and retrieval.

Knowing how to learn quickly is a competitive advantage in the knowledge economy. The organizations that will prevail in the current transformation are those whose employees can learn fastest and make the best decisions. At all ages, learning readiness is influenced by technological familiarity and fluency. Our hope for solving the seemingly intractable global problems includes an optimistic outlook on the partnership between artificial intelligence and human intelligence – person by person.

Join us on Tuesday, May 17th for the mediaX 2016 Conference, when speakers, presentations, panels and prototypes will unpack the concepts, present recent research, and explore the future of augmenting personal intelligence – with applications to learning, business and entertainment.

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