Live Stream of the Science Storytelling & the Power of Participation Seminar

March 2, 2015
Live Stream Participation Event

The balance of listening and speaking transforms stories through the power of participation. Storytelling is enhanced by activating conversations, enabling exchange and curating perspectives. Tonight, Kendall Haven & Damon Centola share their insights and research on the power of participation.

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(Stream will begin at 6pm)

Damon Centola is an Associate Professor in the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is Director of the Network Dynamics Group. Before coming to Penn, he was an Assistant Professor at M.I.T. and a Robert Wood Johnson Fellow at Harvard University. He is currently a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. Damon’s work addresses the theory of how behaviors spread through social networks. His research uses computational models and online experiments to study innovation diffusion, social epidemiology and cultural evolution.

Kendall Haven is the only U.S. Military Academy at West Point graduate to turn professional storyteller. Now a master storyteller, Haven has performed for over 6 million worldwide during his 30 year career and has led the research effort for the National Storytelling Assn. and International Storytelling Center into the architecture of effective story structure and into the process of story-based influence and persuasion. Haven was the only storyteller or story writer recruited as part of the recent U.S. Department of Defense DARPA research program to explore the cognitive neurology of how stories exert influence.