Associate Membership FAQ’s

What are the benefits of being a mediaX Associate Member?
Attendance at mediaX conferences, symposia, and formal presentations by faculty and students on new and ongoing research. This provides an opportunity for an informal exchange of ideas among industry representatives and mediaX affiliated researchers.

Notice of activities such as workshops, seminars and colloquia that might be of your interest. Great networking opportunities are possible, as well as participation in the mediaX community— an agile, dynamic network of researchers who share an intense curiosity about how people and information technologies interact.

An annual Themed Conversation tailored to your organization’s interests. (See Themed Conversation description below.)

What is a mediaX Themed Conversation and what value will it add to my organization?
A Themed Conversation is a day-long program developed with your company’s interests expressly in mind. Thought leaders from Stanford, with expertise related to your selected theme or topic, present their latest research to you and your group.

Themed Conversations usually run a full day. The agenda includes an introduction, meetings with three to five Stanford researchers and thought leaders, and a wrap-up discussion. A summary report of the ideas presented is prepared for your company.

How long does it take to plan a Themed Conversation?
8 to 10 weeks is the optimal time to schedule travel of attendees from your organization and to work around the teaching commitments of faculty members. Shorter lead times can be accommodated, if necessary.

Can my organization have more than one Themed Conversation?
Yes, additional Themed Conversations can be planned for your organization. An additional contribution may be requested. Contact Martha Russell for details.

What are some examples of Themed Conversations?
Topics range from very broad subjects to deep themes on specific questions. Here are some examples:

*Protocols to Organize Teams for Complex Assignments: This theme day focused on how to improve the productivity of teams that are multi-tasking and dealing with information overload. The cognitive and social factors in human knowledge work were explored.

*Interdisciplinary Exploration on Open Innovation/Development of Decision-Support Software: This theme day focused on how to build interest and encourage adoption of open source analytical software applications.

*The Future of Media in the Retail Environment: Topics included technology development, data mining and analysis, and innovation techniques to hasten internal initiatives for incorporating media in the retail environment.

*Adding Value to Telecom Services: Topics included the smart utilization of telecom data and managing data traces with actionable mechanisms for controlling authorizations across fixed and mobile broadband experiences.

How can I find out what the Stanford labs are doing?
The research programs at Stanford are very decentralized. In part, this is one reason that Stanford research is nimble and highly responsive to new opportunities. There is no consolidated listing. The websites of our affiliated labs do contain information, although the websites tend to describe the activities that have already been completed. The only way to truly see the labs’ current and ongoing interests is to engage with them through a Themed Conversation or Research Theme (see Strategic Partners section).

Can I visit mediaX?
Due to COVID-19, the mediaX team is working remotely. We do look forward to seeing you in the near future.

We fund research across the university in various locations including labs, centers, groups and programs. People with shared interests are continually finding each other, and collaborating in important projects and research initiatives. Some of our affiliated labs are formally established and others are informally subscribed. View the full list.

I’m interested. How does my organization become an Associate Member?
To become an Associate Member, the first step is to contact Martha Russell. After becoming a member it is important to identify a mediaX Liaison from your organization as a primary contact for planning the engagement with Stanford through mediaX.

The membership process itself is easy. It requires a paid invoice for membership of $50,000 per year. For American organizations, this can be identified as a gift to an educational institution, with the associated tax benefits. International organizations sometimes make this gift through their affiliated American unit and record this contribution as a membership fee.
Contact Martha Russell for more details.

What is the role of the mediaX Liaison?
This person will be the initial interface to your Stanford network. A mediaX liaison is a senior person in your organization with significant research experience, a solid understanding of the organization’s priorities and uncertainties, and a high credibility with both top management and technical/research leaders.

The mediaX Liaison conveys your organization’s interests to mediaX, and in turn, communicates Stanford activities to your organization. S/he engages in a two-way, reciprocal exchange of interests, issues and insights. While the Liaison will communicate with mediaX regarding dates and logistics for visits and meetings, s/he has much more than an administrative role. The Liaison must know who in your organization will get the best value from the information that is exchanged.

What is the profile of a successful Liaison?
A highly creative and agile-thinking individual who can inspire others to “connect the dots” among diverse signals is a successful candidate.

A successful Liaison is confident about the up-side of taking risks and experienced enough to strategically exercise both patience and urgency. This individual has an appreciation for inquiry, respects the uniqueness of university research, and inspires collaboration with intellectual exchange.

Your organization will benefit from assigning a liaison whose responsibilities include the long view in technical or research activities. Short-term gains, “hot ideas,” and investment opportunities are sometimes identified by our members, but these are not the primary objective of the mediaX program.

When would my membership begin?
Memberships are annual. They can begin at any time. Contact Martha Russell for more details.