Innovation Ecosystems for AI-Based Education, Training and Learning

Here are the speakers and times for the November 13th 2017 Symposium
Innovation Ecosystems for AI-Based Education, Training and Learning*

Introduction and Welcome

Forces for Change in Ecosystemic Innovation
Martha Russell, Executive Director, mediaX at Stanford University

Lightening Talks: AI Frontiers for Education, Training and Learning
Bruce McCandliss, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education and (by courtesy) Psychology, Bridging AI Research and Education Practice to Drive Changes in the Ecosystem of Innovation
Vinay Chaudhri, Former Head AI, SRI International, Intelligent Textbooks Based on Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Lewis Johnson, President/CEO, Alelo Inc. Cloud-based Cognitive Services for Learning
Timothy Kasbe, CIO The Warehouse Group, New Zealand, The Mandate for Clean, Trustworthy Data for AI-Supported Human Learning


Why Did Life Sciences Clusters Emerge in Some Cities but Not Others? The Secret is the Cooking, Not the Ingredients
Walter W. Powell, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education and (by courtesy) Sociology, Organizational Behavior, Management Science & Engineering, Communication


AI’s Impact on Education, Training, and Learning: Potential and Limitations
Paulo Blikstein, Assistant Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education, and (by courtesy) Computer Science, Stanford University

California’s Evolving Policy Context for Post-Secondary Learning in the 21st Century
Michael Kirst, Emeritus Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Education & President, California Board of Education


Lightening Talks: Ecosystem Cases
Tamara Carleton, Stanford Foresight & Innovation Program, Expected & Unexpected Transformation Issues in Building a Learning Ecosystem
Hannes Rothe, Assistant Professor, Freie Universität Berlin, From Free Online Education to Professional Development – Ecosystem Change in the MOOC Market
Kaisa Still, Principal Scientist, VTT, Finland, Building the Platform Learning Company – Case Study of an Ed Tech Company
Prasad Ram, Founder, Gooru, What can AI Do for Learning and Understanding


Lightening Talks: The Micro-Macroscope View
Yuri Nakao, Researcher, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., Using AI as for Clues to Solve Social Problems
Neil Rubens, Professor, Transport and Telecommunications Institute, Latvia, Discovering Opportunities in Cross-Industry Ecosystems
Rahul Basole, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Making Sense of Emerging Ecosystems Using Visual Analytics

Fireside Chat
Jenny House, mediaX distinguished Visiting Scholar & Redrock Consulting, Pathways and Pivots in Financing Innovation with Michael Carter, Director, Producer,

Wrap Up & Reflections

*Speakers and times, subject to change.