Watch mediaX Webinar: Surmounting Data Barriers on Global Health Solutions

On Tuesday April 14th Marsali Hancock, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar and CEO of EP3 Foundation along with John C. (Jack) Lewin, MD principal and Founder of Lewin and Associates LLC hosted the first webinar in the mediaX webinar series “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems”.

In this webinar titled “Surmounting Data Barriers on Global Health Solutions“, Marsali and Jack discuss…

1. Health Data Silos. Why we know so little about people’s health and vital statistics even when most communication and records are already digital.
2. How current data networks can implement new data strategies to improve data liquidity while also improving data choice, control, and accountability.
3. The entire world is moving to virtual communities. How can these communities maximize opportunities to build the economy (communicate, collaborate, and create online) while also improving cybersecurity and safety?

Enjoy the highlights from the webinar.