Watch mediaX Webinar: Making Context Relevant for Learning Essential Skills for the Workplace

On May 26th 2020 the mediaX webinar series “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” continued with Chief Executive Officer of Mursion, Inc. Mark Atkinson. Daily human interactions between employees and customers shape the value of that brand. One public misstep can have calamitous effects on brand perception and value.

Daily human interactions have a comparable impact on employee productivity and retention. There is a groundswell of demand for diverse, equitable and inclusive workplaces. Such workplaces require adults to be able to have difficult conversations. Organizations will live or die by the authenticity with which they embrace equity at work. The stresses of COVID-19 have only introduced more challenging topics one needs to able to discuss openly “at work.”

This presentation will discuss where Mursion uses AI and where, by design, it relies on humans-in-the-loop to deliver authentic, powerful learning experiences for the development of empathy and conversational understanding at work. The presentation will cover the research base for Mursion’s approach, a live demonstration of a Mursion simulation technology and an examination of where, how and why Mursion leverages machine learning and AI algorithms to improve the delivery and analytics behind its VR simulations.

Please enjoy the highlights of this session.