Watch mediaX Webinar: Drop Dead Happy

As a part of the mediaX webinar series “Sharing Personal Journeys”, on May 27 2020 mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar Davis Masten shares his perspective and personal insights as he explores longevity as an artist and the importance of being available to himself-in the time he is has left.

The mediaX webinar series “Sharing Personal Journeys” is a set of sessions designed to explore in this new era of life. The world has changed dramatically in a matter of months. Shelter-in place has disrupted organizational routines, accelerated the use of remote communications technologies, and added home schooling to employees responsibilities. Especially at this time in history we can learn from and support each other in many ways. Leveraging the learning opportunities – through sharing and support – will prove highly beneficial in the post-pandemic era ahead.

Enjoy the highlights of this session.