Watch mediaX Webinar: Can Consistent Trust Decisions Bring People Back to Work?

On May 19 2020, the mediaX webinar series “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems” continued with Ajay Madhok, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar and Founding Partner of Reboot Digital. A key component of reopening the economy will be a lot more Testing to establish trust and inform safer behaviors. But trust is earned and not machine-learned or contact-traced. Therefore, any plan to reopen must facilitate the trust employees need to work safely with each other and with their customers and visitors.

In this session Ajay presents a decentralized, privacy-respecting trust layer to enable a consistent user experience of trust decisions between any two peers, such as a visitor and a business. A consistent experience is a design affordance critical to achieving public trust, just as consistent user experience of car controls(steering wheel, turn signals, brakes) enables any driver to drive any car safely.

The framework uses the same trust triangle between a bank(Issuer), a holder(Prover) and a merchant (Verifier) as the physical credential of a credit card we carry in our physical or mobile wallets today. It leverages the existing secure Data-exchange protocols and PKI infrastructure to Issue, Exchange, and Verify Health credentials privately and securely.

Please enjoy the highlights from this session.