Watch mediaX Webinar: A Pop-up Training Model for Critical Needs

On Tuesday April 21st Van Ton-Quinlivan, mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar and CEO of Futuro Health hosted the second webinar in the mediaX series “Thinking Tools for Wicked Problems”.

Health care is a prime example of one of the wicked problems faced in education. Even after a training need is identified, it takes time to achieve agreement across stakeholders to identify the curriculum requirements and find resources to satisfy them. In this session titled “A Pop-up Training Model for Critical Needs“, Van will address this issue in 3 parts;

1. Workforce development can deliver training at the speed of need.
2. Regional is an alternative for innovating hard skills and replicating soft skills.
3. The clinical bottleneck remains a wicked problem for delivering the next generation of healthcare workers.

Please enjoy the highlights of this webinar.