Personalizing Media Experiences

Jason Wilmot (Moderator) is the Communications Manager for mediaX at Stanford University. He is a media, marketing and communications professional who specializes in building awareness for globally reaching campaigns and projects using multi-platform distribution to increase overall engagement. He spent 13 years managing and running commercial broadcast stations in the United States, and is familiar with creating and distributing content that gains attention from any audience in the “instant gratification what have you done for me lately world” we currently live in.

Mark Cassin is Curriculum Evangelist at Bluescape LLC. Bluescape is a realtime, persistent, collaborative cloud based platform designed to accelerate innovation – so ideas, products, strategies — move faster and more effectively, bringing company goals and vision into reality. Bluescape offers a paradigm shift in the way human beings communicate and work in every industry and on every level. Mr. Cassin has 20+ years of consultative training experience with Fortune 500 companies such as HP, IBM, Apple, and many more.

Robert Seeliger is Project Manager of BitTubes, a division of Future Applications and Media and Fraunhofer FOKUS. He holds a  M. Sc. (Dipl.-Ing.) in Communication and Media Technology from the University of Applied Sciences in  Jena. In his subsequent employment as research engineer and project manager at Fraunhofer FOKUS, his main research activities focus on standardized IPTV in managed and  unmanaged infrastructures, interactive TV, media interoperability, converged service platforms as well as convergence of telecommunication, TV and web-based multimedia. Due to this work he is coordinating the technical development and improvement of the Hybrid-TV and Future Applications  and Media Lab – FOKUS’ Testbeds for innovative IPTV and multimedia services.

Anh-Hoà Truong is a Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. Mr. Truong is a French journalist with an expertise in science, technology and environment. He’s a member of the AJSPI, the French equivalent of the U.S. National Association of Science Writers. Mr. Truong was chief editor at Nolife, one of the main cable channels in France dedicated to video games. He is currently a fellow in the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford, a program fostering journalistic innovation and entrepreneurship. Driven by his passion for emerging technologies and their potential for media, he’s exploring how to use Virtual Reality for science storytelling.