Martha Russell #mediaX2015 Presentations

A Welcome to Collaboration and an Invitation to Discovery

Connecting the Dots

Martha Russell is Executive Director of mediaX at Stanford University, Senior Research Scholar at Stanford’s Human Sciences and Technology Advanced Research (H-STAR) Institute and a Senior Fellow at IC2 (Institute for Innovation, Creativity & Capital) at The University of Texas at Austin. Russell is an organizational-interface activist, specializing in technology transfer between academic and industry researchers. She has established collaborative research initiatives in technology leadership and information sciences for national science agencies, technology companies, cross-sector initiatives and technology innovation for regional development. Russell studies innovation ecosystems using data-driven visualization methods for systems analysis. Her current research focuses on network analysis of relationship capital and interfirm relationships to identify patterns in emerging business sectors, investor networks and global business development. She founded the Innovation Ecosystems Network, whose papers have won Best Paper Awards from the Society of Professional Innovation Managers and the International Conference on Mobile Business. Russell serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Technology Innovation and Social Change.