Flying Without Co-Pilots: Summary

Working Towards a Co-Pilot Model: Opportunities to Bridge Gaps in the Support Ecosystem for Autistic Children

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In a series of three consecutive meetings, this workshop series addressed the question:

How might workshop participants conceptualize an ecosystem of support for disabled children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, to make changes that will close the gaps of a broken ecosystem?  

To understand opportunities to create a more effective ecosystem, including shaping the capabilities and mindsets of ecosystem participants, mediaX invited exploration into the following areas:

*Infrastructure and interaction to incentivize better communication and cooperation with other support personnel.
*Training and professional development for teachers and medical professionals working with children with disabilities, particularly autism.

 Thought leaders’ insights and participants’ viewpoints explored starting points, roadblocks, and pathways to solutions.  Each day of the series highlighted specific areas of exploration:

January 12th, Building Together: At Home and in the Community

The workshop explored opportunities and challenges that bridge multiple contexts, including game-based therapeutics that can be used at home, how schools might serve as wellness centers, and conceptions of neurodiversity in schools, universities, and the workplace.

Featured Panelists:
*William Carter, 2nd-year Political Geography student at UC Berkeley
*Dennis Wall, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Biomedical Data Sciences at Stanford Medical School
*Kristin Wright, Executive Director in Sacramento County Office of Education, division of Equity, Diversity, Early Intervention, and Support Services

January 19th, Growing Together: Training and Professional Development

The workshop explored how training and professional learning might impact the mindset and perceived opportunities of teachers, therapists, clinicians, and other ecosystem players.

Featured Panelists:
*Jennifer Camota Luebke, SVP/Chief Rehabilitation Officer at PRIDE Industries
*Lani Hessen, OTR/L, Kidspace Founder & Clinic Director and Sr. Director of Advocacy at Cognoa
*Elizabeth Kozleski, Professor (Research) of Education, Graduate School of Education at Stanford University
*Pamela Wolfberg, Professor in the Department of Special Education at San Francisco State University

January 26th, Informing Each Other: Information, Data, and Processes

The workshop explored barriers and opportunities for more seamless sharing of information and processes between players in the ecosystem, thereby enhancing opportunities for holistic care.

Featured Panelists:
*Lakshmi Balasubramanian, Lecturer and Researcher in the Stanford Graduate School of Education
*Lilyan W.J. Campbell, BCBA and Specialist in Parent Training
*Trevor Clark, SVP of Growth at Elemy
*Marsali Hancock, CEO of EP3 Foundation