Best Practices for Joining mediaX Webinars

With all the intimacy possible from an internet connection, and from the home offices of mediaX thought leaders and staff, we’re very happy to bring our community online webinar series.

In an effort to make the webinar experience the best possible for you and your organizations, here are some best practices that should help in this process.

Run a Speed Test on Your Computer and Internet Connection
Having a poor connection can be frustrating to anyone trying to participate. There are plenty of tools out there to test you connection. We suggest SpeedTest. Don’t worry if you’re connection is not strong. We will always send a phone number so you’ll still be able to join (just not see the presentation).

Connect to Webinar at Least 5 Minutes Before Start
Please us the link that you have to connect to the meeting space before the actual start time. You will be placed in a waiting room and will be admitted to the webinar by the host. This will allow us to begin the webinar on time and not have to notification of someone who joins late.

Use The Computer Audio/Video
When prompted, simply click on the use computer audio/video.

Turn on Your Video When Joining
It’s always great to see who is joining the meeting. If your connection speed allows, please do turn your video on when you join the meeting. The video is a great source of presence and gives energy to the presenter.

Use Headset with built in Microphone (if you have one)
This headset will allow for a better audio experience for all as we join the webinar. We’ll mute everyone once the mediaX webinars begins, and unmute you for questions and discussion, please continue to use the headset.

Send Your Questions In Via Email or Chat Window
This is an interactive session and your questions are extremely important to us. There are 2 ways to ask questions.
*Send you questions in via email
*Use the chat window in ZOOM (select Everyone OR Elizabeth Wilsey in the chat window)

We look forward to connecting with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.