Augmenting Intelligence at Scale

Steve Sims, gamification expert and mediaX Distinguished Visiting Scholar, moderates a panel exploring transformations in methods of research, teaching and learning for both industry and academia. Join thought leaders from Xerox Learning, Cisco, the Internet of Things Talent Consortium, Telecom Italia (TIM) and Stanford University as they reveal insights from the development and distribution of educational platforms for the future workforce and lifelong learning.

Steve Sims, Moderator: Augmenting Intelligence at Scale. Steve Sims is a well-known gamification expert and currently the Chief Design officer at Badgeville, a leading gamification platform. Steve and his team have delivered 100’s of solutions for areas ranging from employee engagement, support communities, and performance management systems to loyalty programs and health care systems. Steve has broad experience in game design, development and production across all major platforms – web, mobile, console and PC. He started his career at Electronics Arts and EA Online where he was an Executive Producer responsible for Madden NFL Football – the #1 selling sports video game franchise in North America. He also led EA’s earliest forays into the online market, including Fantasy Sports and Casual Games.

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, Augmented Intelligence: The Heart of the Future Workforce. Unleashing human potential through augmented learning techniques. Whether you view it as machine-augmented human cognition, or human-assisted machine cognition, it comes back to one simple fact: artificial intelligence needs people. Jeanne shifts the conversation from AI and the presumption that it could be a threat to jobs, to “augmented intelligence” and shares how augmented learning will create new jobs, evolve existing jobs and create new opportunities for innovation that will benefit business, education, citizens and our society. In the new digital paradigm, expect knowledge-work and the workforce to be transformed in the coming decade by the emergence of even more robust and accessible augmented decision making tools.

Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn is Chief Knowledge Officer at Cisco, VP and GM of Cisco Services and President and Chairman of Internet of Things Talent Consortium. She’s had a 20 year career with Cisco and has been named as one of The 2015 Top 50 Most Powerful Women in Technology by the National Diversity Counsel. She is an expert on the “Workforce of the Future” and brought the first social education system in the industry to market in 2008 (The Cisco Leaning Network). She also serves on a number of advisory boards for organizations committed to continuous learning and talent.

Kerry Hearns-Smith, Rethinking the Learner Experience. With a focus on shifting the learner experience, Xerox Services University (XSU) was formed. It has grown into a full learning ecosystem that supports a continuous learning culture through its various platforms that meet the emerging learner need at the time and way that the learner needs. This session will tell the story of XSU and how it is changing the learner experience within Xerox.

Kerry Hearns-Smith is the Vice President of Learning Strategy Global Solutions for Xerox Learning. She is responsible for leading Xerox Learning’s thought leadership learning strategy and design team and global solutions architecture team supporting growth sales for Xerox Service’s Learning outsourcing capability group. She also is an active figure in the learning and development space for thought leadership and new trends impacting culture and human performance in organizations. Prior to Xerox, Ms. Hearns-Smith was the Organizational Psychologist and Senior Performance Strategist at Axyspointe, an organizational development and assessment company specializing in the design and implementation of high-performing organizational learning environments.

Candace Thille, Big Data, The Science of Learning, Analytics, and Transformation of Education. Online platforms are poised to transform higher education through increased access and convenience, the power of simulations, and the capacity for connection and collaboration. Dr. Thille’s presentation highlights the power of platform tools and technologies to transform observation and data collection.

Candace Thille is an Assistant Professor of Education at Stanford’s Graduate School of Education and Senior Research Fellow for the Office of the Vice Provost for Online Learning. She is also the founding director of the Open Learning Initiative at Cargnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on applying results from the learning sciences to the design, implementation, and evaluation of open web-based learning environments. Dr. Thille served on a U.S. Department of Education working group, co-authoring the “National Education Technology Plan.”

Ida Sirolli, Launching the TIM Academy. In this video presentation, Ida Sirolli, head of Research & Education in Telecom Italia’s People Value Department, describes the development of the TIM Academy – a corporate university designed to address the fast paced training and performance needs of today’s employees. She will describe the model of knowledge lifecycles developed by TIM, as well as the knowledge management systems and platforms designed for the University. A demonstration of TIM Academy’s digital platform is featured in the exhibit area.

Ida Sirolli is currently head of Research & Education within TelecomItalia’s People Value Department – with the responsibility to define models, systems and policies of Knowledge Management and Education and establish and manage partnerships with universities and national and international centers of excellence. Sirolli guided the team which designed, implemented and launched TIM Academy, the company’s Corporate University. She is an Industrial Psychologist with a Masters degree in Strategic Human Resources Management from Bocconi University. She has worked in the HR departments of large companies for 18 years managing activities related to development, recruiting, training, employer branding and internal communication.