Presentations from the mediaX Conference: Algorithms and Analytics: Connecting the Learner and the Learning

On October 23rd 2019, mediaX hosted the Algorithms and Analytics: Connecting the Learner and the Learning Conference. This full day event brought together experts and members in the mediaX community to explore the frontiers of learning algorithms and analytics and focusing on, Measuring what matters in learning, Designing learning experiences and algorithms for conversation and Developing metatags for open exchange.

Education is experiencing an expansion of new media, tools and practices for measuring attention and engagement in sensory experiences, as well as learners’ physical, cognitive and emotional responses. These frontiers are moving forward quickly. It’s time to carefully examine which indicators of learning are most meaningful. And which can be used ethically in algorithms for personalized learning and for learning at scale. To move these developments forward more quickly, mediaX thought leaders ask: how can data from educational experiences be tagged for open exchange.

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