2020 Global Innovation Leadership Program

Thank you for registering for the 2020 Global Innovation Leadership Program: Situated Activity, Distributed Intelligence, and Action Pathways

This webpage will be a place for all the information you need.

December 4th Update
Congratulations on all the work you have done over the last few weeks! It’s been amazing to see you all work together. Now you will present your final assignment and cross the finishing line from the mediaX 2020 Global Innovation Leadership Program (GILP)! This year has been like no other… and innovative and experimental solutions have been found to enable this global teamwork collaboration. Thank you for your participation in this evolving and experimental platform, and for your perseverance and dedication in navigating the various technical hurdles we encountered.

Please read on for guidance on joining Monday’s session:

Chrome is now available again and is the preferred browser. (You can also join on Firefox or Microsoft Edge but NOTE: if you plan to screenshare you must NOT use Firefox).

If you join and find you cannot turn your microphone on, please do not panic. There are now a limited number of voice channels available. This will NOT affect your presentations. In the Auditorium I will turn all your microphones OFF, which allows me to activate voice channels as needed. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR MICROPHONES OFF UNLESS YOU ARE ASKING A QUESTION. If you find you cannot turn your microphone on, I will reset the voice channels again. Just post a message in the chat box. All the mediaX team will watch, as usual, for raised hands in the Auditorium!

As with all experiments, hurdles arise that we need to overcome. A new issue arose this week with Firefox. DO NOT use Firefox to screen share as it could result in a full crash of the system! If you are the designated member of the team to share the presentation – please use Chrome. Also, please do send the final version of your slides to me as a backup.

Agenda:(Pacific times):
5 am – arrive in mediaXploration
5:15 am – move to Auditorium for welcome remarks.
5:25 am – Group 1 presentation, Q&A, time for group discussion
6:05 am – Group 2 presentation, Q&A, time for group discussion
6:45 am – break – 20 minutes to grab coffee, breakfast, or chat and network with whoever you please in world. If you turn their microphone on and you find it doesn’t work, post to the chat. We can broadcast a reminder message to all to turn off mics when not in an active conversation so you can talk!
7:05 am – Auditorium for Group 3 presentation, Q&A, time for group discussion
7:45 am – Auditorium for final wrap-up discussion and closing remarks
8:30 am – Finale to the event! Back to Palm Circle for a finale event and to collect your ‘badge of completion’. You are then free to stay and chat, network, or leave as you wish.

Rehearsal of presentations:
If you still need to schedule a test in mediaXploration for your final presentation, please let me know. I am available over the weekend and it is highly recommended that you make sure you can both be heard and share your screen successfully.

November 19th Update
Chrome updated their browser this week, and this has caused a problem in connecting audio in mediaXploration. Luckily, Firefox is working well, so please, USE FIREFOX as your browser when connecting for our next session tomorrow, Friday, November 20.

The URL remains the same.

We are looking forward to this workshop, with a couple of lectures from Professor Saadi Lahlou, plus time in breakout sessions to plan for your final homework assignment and take advantage of dropping into other groups for networking and socializing!

Here is the revised agenda for tomorrow:
5 am arrive in Palm Circle
5:15 am – Lecture in Auditorium (Platforms and Innovation Process)
6:15 am – break (10 mins)
6:25 am – Breakout Session
6:45 am – Group Report-backs in Auditorium
7:10 am – break (10 mins)
7:20 am – Lecture in Auditorium (Distributed Solutions Architectures)
8:20 am – Final exercise explained
8:35 am – Breakout Session – review homework assignment and plan next steps
8:50 am – encourage people to move between breakout sessions freely to meet and chat with the other groups9 am – end of session but people are free to stay and network
Remember that you have access to supporting materials and pre-readings (for download if you wish) in this Box folder:

The recorded lectures and slides (for viewing only) will be shared via a Box invitation. Watch for the invitation!

November 3rd Update
Thank you to everyone who has visited mediaXploration over the last week (and those who will be doing so over the next few days). I am still waiting for photos and bios from a few people (I’ll reach out to you separately), so the Program is not yet ready to share. I will send it out before the end of the week. Please find attached the required pre-reading and read on for important logistics:

CLICK HERE: Foreword by Professor Roy Pea (Professor Saadi Lahlou’s book on Installation Theory – 8 pages)
CLICK HERE: Introduction plus Chapter 1 (Professor Saadi Lahlou’s book on Installation Theory – 24 pages)
Program with Agenda, Participant and Facilitator Bios will be sent by email late this week

Monday, November 9 at 5:00am Pacific:
*Please “arrive” promptly at 5 am so we have time to resolve any issues you might have. You will have the opportunity to mingle with other participants, facilitators and mediaX staff.
*Read the User Guide previously sent as a refresher
*Print the two page ‘Quick Start Guide’ and keep it by your computer
*Remember to use a Chrome Browser if possible – this has been tested and proved the most stable platform
*The quality of your experience will be governed by your bandwidth so please try to connect using stable wi-fi or hard-wired connection
*Use headphones if possible, to eliminate ambient noise or unexpected interruptions (you can turn your microphone off when not needed also)
*If you do have a problem during the workshop, you can reach the support staff by putting a message in the mediaXploration chat window, or calling my cell phone: +1 650 924 0144.
*We will have several short breaks during the workshop – you can network within mediaXploration, chat to other participants, ask questions of the facilitators or take the opportunity to have a ‘real’ break!

October 27th Update
*Please Send your Photo/Bio – By Friday, October 30 (end of day in your time zone) to Addy Dawes
The photograph should be at least 600 x 600 pixels and the short bio around 150/200 words if possible. These will be incorporated into our program and shared digitally with other participants and the faculty and researchers who will facilitate the workshop.

Please Include:
*Your current role
*Highlights of your career/life to date
*Let us know if you could choose a superpower what would it be and why?
*Your dream place to visit?
*what you like to do outside of work/school
*something you’ve always wanted to do

*Schedule an orientation in mediaXploration
Even if you have already been part of a mediaX event in mediaXploration, some aspects have changed so it is important for everyone to visit mediaXploration over the next week.
Please send three available slots on your calendar(allow at least half an hour) for times I could meet you in mediaXploration to make sure you are comfortable. We must do this by no later than November 5. This will give us time to resolve any issues you might have. I am available between 9 am and midnight Pacific time, including over next weekend, to accommodate your time-zone.

Read the attached documents – I am attaching a User Guide (pictorial guide) and a Quick Start Guide. I encourage you to print off the 2-page Quick Start Guide, to have it available during the in-world sessions for reference.

Link – Here is the link to enter mediaXploration

*Schedule Reminder – this workshop will be held on the following dates and times, to accommodate all time zones:
Monday, November 9, 2020; 5 am – 9 am PST
Monday, November 16, 2020; 5 am – 9 am PST
Friday, November 20, 2020; 5 am – 9 am PST – you will be assigned a group project to work on to prepare for a final presentation on December 7. mediaX can provide Zoom links or allocate time in your breakout space in mediaXploration for this group work, scheduled at your convenience during this period
Between Friday, November 27 and Friday, December 4 there is an additional ONE-HOUR feedback session with the facilitators for your group so you can make sure your project is on track. Again, mediaX can provide meeting space on Zoom or in mediaXploration for these collaborative sessions.
Monday, December 7, 2020; 5 am – 9 am PST