April 23

Wireless World Research Forum 34

The last few years have not only witnessed significant interest in network virtualization driving convergence between IT and communications, but also how virtualized computing is going to change the face of wireless communications, particularly for the 4G and now for the 5G networks as we look into the future. Beyond the headlines there are already significant technical, research, regulatory and pre-standardisation activities going on.

The meeting will bring together ideas, visions, plans and concrete virtualization-driven 5G initiatives with the goal to creating a more flexible, cost effective, and open wireless communications network. WWRF34 will feature high-profile speakers from industry, standards bodies, academia and government, who will delve into both near-term and visionary approaches to realizing such an IT-enabled open network where all actors from users (including machines) to manufacturers to service providers will participate in in an economically viable manner.

The first day of the WWRF34 event will be dedicated to a focused theme of “Towards an Era of 5G with Cloud, SDN, Virtualization and Analytics” and will invite speakers from the vibrant Silicon Valley companies and universities and experts from the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.There will be plenary sessions that will also debate the evolutionary paths towards a virtualized 5G wireless communications network.

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